Boden-Vin LTD.

The depot developed in good style of Boden-Vin Ltd. can be found in Akasztó, 10 kms from Petőfi Sándor’s hometown (Kiskőrös). The undertaking started his function in 1996 with two managers. Later the property relations changed and turned into a family undertaking, the owners are Bogáromi János and his wife.

The firm deals with grape processing, winary, inland and foreign transportation. The processing of grape is founded on a traditional, classic, reductive directed technique. The establisment, cosisting of more buildings, attained the state being equal to the Europian Union’s requirements with big persistence, desperation and material experditure. Our aim to transport our products anywhere in Europe in time with the largest content.

Due to the colleagues’ vocational preparedness and experience the firm made a successful exam in 2004. Since then the firm works according to ISO 9001:2001 quality assurance system. The undertaking’s main profiles are wine making, realization and transport. The latter one expands on fluent food exclusively, which we transport with lorries and tank trucks. We are able to transport simultaneously 2500hl wine,must, milk, culinary oil.

More than 100ha of grape plantation can be found partly near Akasztó, the others can be found in Kunság Wine-growing Region and Balatonboglár.

Wines made of the most distinguished grape type- Zöldveltelini, Chardonay, Rizlingszilváni, Cserszegi Fűszeres, Savignon Blanc, RajnaiRizling, Oportó és Kékfrankos- are stored in 40000hl storage capacity winecellars with the application of the most modern technique.
The firm’s wines are marketed abroad primarily, with this position we are among the first ten exporters of our country. Not only abroad, but we attained success at home also, because we regularly take part in domestic wine competitions. The Ászok wine cellar can be enumerated to the depot’s spectacular buildings, where the visitors can see 32 beautiful barrels, carved with hand.

The cellar is suitable for the reception of 70 guests, which provides an opportunity to wine tasting and different programs.

Fáncsi Hill Wine-Cellar of Boden-Vin Ltd.

Due to the success attained till now  Boden-Vin Ltd. bought an out of use cellar and grape processing firm in Kötcse village in the spring of 2010. Kötcse village can be found in Balaton Wine-Growing Region, 7 kms from Balatonszárszó.

The cellar is situated ont he gently sloping side of the pictureque Fáncsi Hill, its name originates from here. It definitely came into existence on wine tourism.

From the end of 2011 the firm appears ont he market with bottled wines also, the bottling happens on the depot of Kötcse with modern triblock bottle-filling machine.

In the cellar, which getting more beautiful continuously, can be found a spectacular wine-tasting room, a bottle- filling workshop and a cellar, where wine is ripened in an acid-resistant steel container.

In the future we would like to expand it with a wine terrace, which is suitable for 200 people’s service. Quality wine and various programs wait for the guests here to have fun.

Our bottled wines of South Balaton Region:

Both firms work with HACCP qualitative management system. Both firms make its work from the processing of grape to the realization of ready wine.

Every wine item is under continuous laboratory control. The Ltd. lays an emphasis on  the good quality of the wines.

The motto of Boden-Vin Ltd. :
„Who visits us today will be our guest tomorrow.”